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Not just an LMS.

Atiom is an easy-to-use platform that keeps workforces informed, engaged, and connected.

Training and Engagement Made Effective, Measurable, and Effortless

Employees can build a daily habit to stay informed and connected, anytime and anywhere.

Atiom app's progress page, study modules, gamification tab and team leaderboard

Managers can instantly communicate and engage with teams, and make assessments based on real-time data and analytics.

Atiom desktop management admin portal
Cost saving


of managers say Atiom helped with the onboarding with their teams.

Knowledge retention


saw their professional knowledge improved or improved significantly.



said Atiom helped increase their visibility at their company.

Employee training and engagement made easy

News Feed

Engagement Surveys

Gamification and Rewards

Advanced Learning Algorithms

Atiom mobile app side menu showing workplace training and engagement features.

Community Forum

Share insights with colleagues straight from your phone:

Tips and tricks, improvements, and best practices

Gather feedback on key business areas

Recognize the most helpful employees

Screenshot of Atiom app's Community Forum workplace engagement feature.

Engagement Surveys

Deliver pulse checks with just a few clicks:

Gather voices with easy-to-use feedback tool

Assess data and turn insights into impact

Encourage collaborative growth and culture

Screenshot of Atiom app's engagement survey

Web Portal

Seamlessly integrate with external resources and websites:

Corporate newsletters

External libraries

Company apps and websites

Screenshot of Atiom's Web Portal feature with external links and resources.

Engage with impact

Enviornmental, social, and corporate governance is more important than ever:

Increase engagement with tree planting incentives

Build team camaraderie through the greater good

Share environmental best practices in the office and in the field

Screenshot of the Atiom app's Tree Project ESG initiative.

Making Learning Stick

Atiom's training framework is based on
spaced repetition and active recall,
an evidence-based learning technique to retain information in the long-term memory.

Forgetting curve and active recall